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Indian Navy

Why Join Indian Navy?

You are choosing more than just a ‘job’. We offer a unique way of exploring your life and provide ample opportunities to explore your potential in every sphere of life. We provide professional challenges along with security and comfort that is almost unparalleled.

For many people, the greatest attraction of a career in the Indian Navy is the variety of opportunities that make your career challenging. You can face the challenges and develop methods to exploit your full potential. Work in the Indian Navy offers you a chance to grow as a professional, by learning new skills and acquiring unrivalled experience in the process of applying those skills.

In the Indian Navy, you’ll find there’s much more to be gained than a regular salary. In fact, the experience that you gain in the Navy can help you shape your future, through adequate financial benefits, unparalleled careers potential, and personal growth that you’ve been waiting for.

Think about it. As long as you have the drive to make a difference in the world and in your own life, there will be a place for you in the Indian Navy. You can develop valuable skills and build a secure future.

If you are starting your career with zero professional experience or seeking to enhance your current skill-set and education, the Navy is a sure way to take your career to the next level.

Explore the world

The ships and submarines of the Indian Navy often visit a number of foreign ports. The men who serve on these platforms get to visit the numerous foreign ports that these ships and submarines visit.

Leadership Opportunities

A career in the Navy will provide ample opportunities to be able to prove your leadership skills. As your career progresses upwards, you’ll find yourself shouldering greater responsibilities of managing larger and more complex teams and equipment. You will contribute to the safety and success of those around you. With time, you will hone the skills you need to motivate, train and communicate effectively. Skills that will benefit you beyond the Navy and in your everyday life.

Ways of Becoming an Officer in the Indian Navy

In today’s world, there are many possibilities for you to choose from, such as high-visibility, rapid-growth jobs in banking, computers, corporate management or civil services etc. While examining your options, have you considered the Indian Navy? The Indian Navy will give you all you need and help you make the most of what you have. Are you in search of a challenge? Are you young and bright and just out of school or university? Have wide personal interests and hobbies, prepared to work hard and expect far more from your career than a remunerative pay packet? You need a challenge – work that grows with you and provides variety and excitement. That is what precisely the Navy offers you. The Navy offers an extraordinary range of exciting career opportunities together with the chance to travel widely, meet new people and to enjoy the warmth and camaraderie that is so special to this Service.



Pay Scale of Officers
SUB LIEUTENANT1056100-17750015500
LIEUTENANT COMMANDER1169400-20720015500
REAR ADMIRAL14144200-218200NIL
VICE ADMIRAL15182200-224100NIL


The Navy provides all its serving officers with following life insurance coverage at a very minimal monthly premium.

  • Pilot/Observer/Submariner: 57 Lakhs
  • All other officers: 50 Lakhs

Leave Concessions

Officers enjoy generous leave time. Officers are entitled to 60 days annual leave and 20 days casual leave. You can also accumulate 30 days of leave in a year which you can encash at the time of retirement. The accumulation of leave has a limit which is stipulated periodically.

Travel Concessions

The officers and their family members are entitled to free rail / air travel on leave once a year. Six travel concessions forms are also authorized to each officer for performing journey by train


All Permanent Commission Officers would receive financial support even after they retire, through a pension. In the unfortunate event of an Officer’s death, his spouse continues to receive the pension. Medical cover also continues like this for life. All Short Service Officers will receive gratuity at the time of retirement.

Major Allowances of Officers

AllowanceTo whom GrantedRate Per Month (in Rs.)
FLYINGQualified Pilot / Observer25000 / pm
SUBMARINEQualified Submariner25000 / pm
MARCOsQualified as MARCOs25000 / pm
DIVING QUALIFIEDShip Diver900 / pm
SEA GOINGAll Naval Officers serving Onboard Ships (Sailing only)10500 / pm (This allowance is granted on pro rata basis, on condition that the sea vessels should be deployed for a minimum 4 hrs in a day)
TECHNICALTechnical Officers3000 – 4500 / pm depending on courses qualified
INSTRUCTIONALAll Officer posted as InstructorNot yet notified
HARD AREAAll Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt.20% of Basic Pay
UNIFORMAll OfficersNot yet notified
HOUSE RENTTo Officers not provide Govt. Accommodation24%, 16%, 8% of Basic Pay
TRANSPORTAll Officers7200 / 3600 (+DA thereon)



All the sailors have been divided into two group viz ‘X’ and ‘Y’. Artificer Apprentices fall under ‘X’ group and rest of the sailors in group ‘Y’. Pay scales in respect of sailors as per NI 1/S/08 are as follows:-

‘X’ Group (Artificer Apprentices Sailors)

RANKPAY BANDPay in Pay Band(Rs.)Grade Pay(Rs.)MSP(Rs.)X Group Pay(Rs.)
ApprenticePB-15200 – 20200200020001400
Artificer VPB-15200 – 20200240020001400
Artificer IVPB-15200 – 20200280020001400
Art III – IPB-29300-34800340020001400
MCPO IIPB-29300-34800460020001400
MCPO IPB-29300-34800480020001400

‘Y’ Group (SSR/MR/NMR)

RANKPAY BANDPay in Pay Band(Rs.)Grade Pay(Rs.)MSP(Rs.)
Seaman IIPB-15200 – 2020020002000
Seaman IPB-15200 – 2020024002000
Leading SeamanPB-15200 – 2020028002000
Petty OfficerPB-15200 – 2020028002000
Chief Petty OfficerPB-29300-3480042002000
MCPO IIPB-29300-3480046002000
MCPO IPB-29300-3480048002000

Pay of Recruits during Training

All recruits shall receive a stipend during their training period at the rate of Rs. 5700 per month. On successful completion of training Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, Group ‘X’ pay (if applicable), Dearness Allowance and allowances of the trade to which they stand allotted less the stipend already paid. The rate of stipend will be increased by 50% every time the DA payable on revised pay band goes up by 50%.


Life Insurance Schemes for Serving Personnel

The Naval Group Insurance Scheme had originated in the form of Officers and Sailors Welfare Assistance Scheme in Apr 1969.The emphasis of the scheme is to provide meaningful death benefits to the bereaved families at minimum cost to the members. In addition, payment of reasonable survival benefits to the members on retiring from service will help them in providing financial security.

The details of monthly contribution, Saving element and insurance cover for the scheme and Additional Schemes are as follows:-

SchemesContributionSaving ElementInsurance Cover
General Group Insurance5000/-2500/-4365/-2245/-50 Lac25 Lac
Addl GIS for Aviators/MCsRAdm& Above- 875/-
Cmde/Capt 895/-
Cdr & below- 1140/-
580/-821/-438/-07 lac3.5 lac
Addl GIS for Submariners825/-525/-756/-493/-07 lac3.5 lac


Sailor and their families are entitled to free rail travel on leave every year and travel concession by rail/air on other occasions as per extant rules.


A sailor has to serve up to a minimum of 15 years to be eligible for service pension and other post-retirement benefits.

Before retirement, sailors are provided with many job-oriented courses and requisite training for available jobs. There is a dedicated organisation (Directorate General, Resettlement (DGR) at RK Puram, New Delhi) which looks after resettlement prospects of all retired personnel.


(On the basis of Rank)
InstructionalDeputed as Instructor at Training Establishments/ institutes listed in Govt. letter900-1500
SubmarineQualified Submariner10500-12600
FlyingQualified Aircrew10500-12600
Marine CommandoQualified as MARCO10500-12600
DivingShips Diver, Clearance Diver I, II & III600-900
Sea DutySailors serving onboard ships
(While sailing only)
Hard AreaSailors posted in Nicobar and Lakshadweep Group of Islands25% of Pay in
Pay Band+ GP+ MSP
CILQMarried sailors not allotted Govt. Married Accommodation2400-8100 (On the basis
of Classification of Cities &
TransportAll Sailors(400-1600) + DA

Honorary Commissioned Officers

In case of promotion to Honorary Commissioned rank, one additional increment will be given as in all other cases unless this amount is less than Rs. 15,600 i.e. minimum of PB-3, the pay will be stepped up to Rs. 15,600. In addition, Grade Pay and MSP will be admissible.

Revised Pay Scale Honorary Commissioned Officer

RANKPAY BANDPay in Pay Band(Rs.)Grade Pay(Rs.)MSP(Rs.)
Hon Sub LieutenantPB-315600 – 3910054006000
Hon LieutenantPB-315600 – 3910061006000

Note: On being awarded Honorary Commissioned, these officers can claim Rs. 10000/- towards outfit allowances on a contingent bill from ship’s imprest.